The Life of a Leader

To begin in this journey we will take together, we must first examine what it is we are setting out to do.

We are setting out to become leaders.

Being a leader may sound daunting to a lot of people, but the truth is that we don’t need to lead others, in order to lead. We just need to properly lead ourselves in life. This simple idea is a true one, and most people can see that. If we never give ourselves limits, or if we never lead ourselves through difficult times, there is an inevitable fall into darkness and despair.

While it is nice to indulge in the idea that we are “free spirits” and should be allowed to do everything as we like, it is perhaps more proper to examine why it is we feel this way. First, start with asking why it is we don’t lead ourselves. Why do we fail to join our higher and truer self in the times we know we need it most?

I cannot answer this question for you. It has been true in my experience that we do these things because we are afraid of the power of being good. Truly. When we finally allow ourselves to exist as we truly understand we should, we become powerful creatures, capable of creating beauty in the world around us.

It starts though, with making ourselves beautiful and pure.

If you’re reading this, then you’re somehow on the step towards doing that. Trust that you found this post because you needed to. Come to terms that you found it, and now you are reading it, and you’re reading it because maybe you need to hear these ideas.

And these ideas could be wrong. However, the goal is not to speak some sort of truth. My goal is simply to allow people to think about why it is they haven’t been realizing their full potential.

My goal is to be a leader of life. I’m doing this work, of making myself beautiful, as I write this. My heart feels exhausted right now, and I’m tired and afraid to try and lead the world.

But I get up, with a smile on my face, and with patience and humility, try anyways.

That’s what we all do. Deep down inside, that’s what we’re trying to do, and slowly learning to do. Be patient with yourself, and rewards will come.

The life of a leader, in all the ways one can be a leader, is filled with hardship and joy. We must take these as they come, and, in time, learn to simply exist with them. To be an expression of pure love and gratitude at all times. This is hard, but possible.

Throughout the coming years and months and weeks, I will try and share my journey with you. My lifestyle with you. That lifestyle I share will change. I will ask your opinion on things, and I will help guide anyone who wishes for my guidance.

I am ignorant. I know nothing. Yet, I will share with you my experiences, and perhaps that will be enough.


Until next time,

Love and Blessings

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