Leading with Intention

What’s the difference between murder and manslaughter? Well, the answer is the intent of the person who did the killing.
Apologies if that’s a morbid way to start out a post, but the idea is an important one. Simply put, intention is everything.
Now, the idea that intention is everything is rather contended. Most people would say that the intention matters much less than the actual action that occurred. I myself thought this for quite some time, until I considered it more. It was then that I realized that this may not be the entire truth.
A thought came to me one day: if my actions don’t end up being in accordance with my intentions, then it clearly wasn’t what I intended.
Intentions must be pure in order for our actions to line up with them.
Thusly, in order to be a Leader of the World, Ourselves, and Life, we must find a way to purify our intentions. Let’s start with what this means exactly.
What does it mean for an intention to be pure? Well, for an intention to be pure, we must firstly be able to feel the intention emotionally instead of just understand it intellectually. This may take some time, but it is an important step in the process of purifying one’s intentions. Most people will understand the vast difference there is between understanding a concept intellectually, and then integrating and knowing it emotionally. This difference can be summed up in comprehension versus attitude.
I can understand and comprehend that I’m not supposed to harm someone, but if my attitude isn’t with this concept, then I could still feel the want to harm another person, and may actually do so. We can apply this concept to anything. Comprehension is different than a change in attitude. A change in attitude takes much longer, and doesn’t even happen all the time. So, in order for our intentions to be pure, we must have a change in attitude that is pure as well.
That’s why some people can lose weight, and others seem to not be able to. They can comprehend that pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is unhealthy, but until their attitude changes, they cannot change either. The only true way to successfully change is through one’s attitude, not simply through the intellect.
This is part of what it means to have a pure intention.
Secondly, having a pure intention requires one to sacrifice the ego and negative emotions in every situation. If I intend to help someone, I must become selfless in that moment, and rid myself of whatever negativity I am feeling. In this way, my attitude changes, and there is no longer a hindrance to helping another person. Instead of merely wanting to meet the deadline, if I purely intend to meet the deadline, then I will. It means I have changed my attitude in a way that allows for a smooth and easy action to result.
Why is this important though?
Well, if we were to live life with pure intentions, then we would be constantly focusing on proper values and integration than on comprehension of concepts. Every concept we come across that we wish to integrate into our lives must be approached with Patience, Calm, and Love. I’ll talk about these values at a later time, but when we focus on the emotional integration of proper intention, then we have allowed the Ego to become healthier. The Ego is negative by nature, and only through the purifying of our intentions can we truly make our Ego work for us, and not vice versa.
First, if you’d like, start with emotionally integrating this concept. Sit with yourself and truly feel whatever resistance there is to integration of this concept. Ask oneself why it is that resistance is there, and understand it. Allow it to be, and then explain the corresponding idea to the Ego.
It will integrate in time.
Please, let me know what you think if you read this, I’d love to discuss this more.

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