A New Chapter

The direction I’m taking for the next few months is going to be very different than the little I’ve done on this blog so far.

I want to start looking at training character, and how I can lead myself towards being a better person. This is an experience I want to share with everyone, and hopefully, create dialogue around the topics I’m going to be discussing. Now, let me explain how I’m going to approach this:

For the past month, I have been meditating daily, and journaling every night about how I can improve and how I’ve been succeeding. This has been great in a very general sense, and I have been starting to become more aware of myself and see growth in some crucial areas of my life. However, I realized recently that there was something more I wanted to cultivate, that is, important characteristics and beginning to take more seriously my development in many aspects of life. So, I decided to start a set of journals for myself. Every week I would write and try to embody a certain characteristic, such as humility, every day. I would switch characteristics every week and include comments from other characteristics on how they were connected. This was to make sure that I would continue to develop different characteristics, but also continue with the ones that I wanted to learn. Then, I had a realization last night that I could make these a part of my blog as well. By posting my journals for each night, and doing weekly reviews

So, I’m going for it. All of this is for the development of my character. I want to be a confident person who is modest and humble, accomplishes great tasks with the little he has, is authentic to himself and those around him, and also treats others with compassion and understanding. I want to be this person consistently, not just every once and a while when I feel like it. I want these to be character traits. There are 11 weeks set out, including two review weeks:

  • Week 1 – Humility
  • Week 2 – Modesty
  • Week 3 – Simplicity
  • Week 4 – Compassion
  • Week 5 – Review
  • Week 6 – Understanding
  • Week 7 – Generosity
  • Week 8 – Authenticity
  • Week 9 – Courage
  • Week 10 – Enthusiasm
  • Week 11 – In Summary + Dedication

I hope that you’ll join me on this journey. Simply reading the blog posts is fine, but I even encourage the daring few to do this along with me. Not just journaling about these, but also actively trying to embody them each day. I plan on continuing the practice of embodying these traits for the rest of my life, even when I’ve stopped journaling on them so often.

So, on Sunday, I will be posting my first journal about humility.

Let change begin!

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