Humility – Day One

What does it mean to practice humility?

I think it involves many things, but most importantly a sense that there will always be people both greater than me, and lower than me, no matter where I am in life. I will always lack knowledge of things, not be able to accomplish certain things, and also be at the mercy of Life.

I am what I am, but nothing more or less than that. To be humble is to embody this knowledge in everyday life. Not getting proud because I accomplished something incredible, but merely moving on in humility because I know that I didn’t do it alone. It is being able to be small in front of others. Humility is related to authenticity because being humble is being true to myself and others. It requires a foresight and knowledge that I am only in control of my thoughts and, for the most part, my actions, but that nothing else is guaranteed.

I think one way I can be more humble in my life is by not getting too excited by accomplishments. When someone praises me or admonishes me, simply hearing it and thinking about it, but not letting it make me proud or ashamed. Often, I think I get excited over the things that I have accomplished, and while accomplishments are nice, being prideful can lead to more pride until all of a sudden I am full of it and have engineered my own downfall. No, I must focus on continuing forth and, even when I fail or accomplish something, know that there is more work to do. Failure is always an option, success is not. Both are acceptable, but not the end goal.

I am no greater than those who serve me. Those who lead me, if I choose to follow the right people, are examples for me. I do not know all, and I am flawed. Learning to practice this every day is hard, and the ego strives to fight against it.

I will be back tomorrow to journal about how my activities in humility have gone and hopefully, continue my insights.

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