Humility – Day Two

I kept thinking about humility today and how I can better implement it into my life. I think humility is realizing that I gave into indulgences and need to change it. That I’m not as dedicated to passions as I feel I am right now, and that I’m sort of confused about life.


Humility is honesty.


In order to be humble, I must be honest. To not oversell myself, or downplay my achievements, but merely let them be as they are. I have no need to talk about past successes or future aspirations. I merely need to work on them.

Hopefully, I am never the smartest person in the room, and I can constantly be reminded of the fact that I am still learning and growing in many aspects of life.

There was a moment today, for instance, with my roommate’s mother, where I felt, for a second, the need to say that I served on the State Board of Education last year when she asked me about civic leadership. I realized though, in the moment, that it simply didn’t need to be spoken about. The reason why I wanted to say it at all was because of my ego. Instead, I opted for saying “I’ve had some experience in it…”. This was a step towards being more humble. I think though, I should’ve said: “Yeah, I hope to do some work with leadership in the future.”. This would’ve been the most humble way to answer the question and speak about my aspirations.

Even more, than speaking and actions being humble, I think my thoughts must become humble as well. For instance, at the gym. When I am working out there are times when I feel my ego acting up, and in those moments I must strive to tell myself to be humble. That I am not strong yet, that I am still weak in many ways and don’t have the physical signs of progress that I want. Honestly, going to the gym is always a very humble experience. I can see and feel how young I am compared to most people there, and when I fail at something or do something in a way I shouldn’t, I sort of just laugh because it reminds me of how much I have left to go.

However, as I mentioned earlier, being humble isn’t putting myself down. Yes, I still have a long ways to go, but at least I am progressing and trying. This is true. I have little accomplishments, but I am putting in an effort and that is what counts. I must strive to be humble even in my effort though. I should not strive to do things far beyond what I can do, or do things below what I can do. Instead, the focus should be placed on things just a bit beyond my reach, that push me out of my comfort zone and allow me to grow. In that way, when I fail (and I will certainly fail many times in my endeavors in life), I have learned my lesson in humility already, accepted failure, and realize that I can still progress.

Humility actually is a strong tool. It allows us to understand that failure and being weak is always a possibility, but that we still try. Humility isn’t so much about making ourselves seem weak or less than we are, but it means that we are honest about the things we aren’t, and simply show our effort towards becoming something better.


I will continue to think about this and implement it in my life.


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