Humility – Day Four

Once again, I come back with more experience in humility and more that I much strive to do in regards to it.

These journals have been helping me a lot. Just 4 days into this experience and I’m already being more aware of humility. Today, when I was forgetting myself and my want to be calm and humble, my mind just said to me “Humility.”, and I was instantly quieted. I was reminded of my need to be aware and observe, to practice humility.

Humility is also being silent sometimes. Today, when at the beach, I was astounded by the beauty and was relishing in the feeling of the day. It was amazing. Yet, I then found myself slipping from calm enjoyment, laughing with friends, to almost trying to dominate things. I don’t think it ever got quite that far, but it did get to a point where I was losing my grasp on humility. I don’t need to dominate the conversation, to be overbearing on my friends. I can simply enjoy the day with them. Humility allows for a realization that oftentimes not running my mouth mindlessly is what’s called for.

It also showed me that whenever I am not practicing humility, I tend to be focusing on myself. When I focus on others, however, it sort of puts me in a position where I realize that it isn’t just me that’s in this struggle of life. There are many others, and I should get to know their stories. And for that, I think humility also means a certain sense of curiosity about the things we don’t know. It’s owning up to our lack of knowledge, and then wanting to correct it. Humility means that we are aware of where we don’t know things, or how to do them, but still try.

If I am humble, I am also persevering. I aim to not just admit my faults, but correct them for the betterment of others and myself.

This, so far is what humility means to me. I hope to bring more awareness to this tomorrow, to have insights about which I can journal on.

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