Humility – Day Five

I fear that I’m forgetting a bit of humbleness in a lot of things. I’ve made some bold claims about what I wish to do with my life, and I need to start living up to them.

Humility is realizing that I’m not right now.

Sure, there are many things I’m doing to fix this now, but this is only just really beginning. I need to start gaining real-life experience with things. I need to start venturing forth and daring to do things. I need to get involved. The stage that I’ve been in hasn’t really embodied this. I need to really cut out all unnecessary things from my life now. No more games, shows, or unhealthy habits. Just constant, gradual progress.

And it’s taken humility to get me to acknowledge this. Realizing that I have many things about myself which must be refined and becoming honest with myself has made all the difference so far. Like I said, humility is about going out of my way to not only acknowledge faults but fix them.

It feels like I’m regaining some of my passion for this sort of growth. And it feels like progress will even happen. Yet, I must be humble. I must see that there is as much possibility for failure as there is for success and that it is in my hands. The road ahead of me is long, and I’m preparing myself for it now. I need to cultivate a sense of passion in regards to embodying these characteristics and changing my life. Humility is taking this task seriously because we see the gravity of not accomplishing it.

Humility is being able to ignore the ego when you’re in a good position, and just keep your eyes focused on the goal.

These are the things I’m striving to change, the things that I notice. And the more humble I let myself become, the more I notice, and the more I can change.

Until tomorrow.


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