Modesty – Day Eleven

Again, I failed in modesty again. Perhaps this is a lesson in modesty itself. Modesty is also a way of thought if I recall back to my initial journal. Modesty as a way of thought is incredibly similar to humility, and it implies simply stating truths. It means that we can look at our failures and successes as equal opportunities for growth.

As I really begin to think back on the day today, I realize that maybe there was something that I did a bit better in with regards to modesty. This would be the topic of silence, and the modesty of speech. I shared more of myself, but also listened better and said less than I have before. I think it was because I was really consciously bringing that focus into my interactions with people today. It also, later on, began to just be a natural default. I might also be able to attribute it to my natural sleep cycle finally beginning to adjust to my new sleep schedule. Therefore, I had more energy today, and perhaps this denotes more of an ability to focus on modesty and humility.

Because I’m able to do this now, and I’m seeing some progress in regards to my efforts, I think I feel somewhat happier and more confident that what I’m doing is the proper thing here. There was a bit where progress may have been halted due to my own inner lack of clarity, and not because I wasn’t able to make progress.

Now modesty is really beginning to show itself in a beautiful way to me. Because modesty is something which is so modest about its nature, it is actually hard to find. However, modesty is the humbling of one’s power, it is the process of finding the mean, it is the ability to do more with less. Modesty is actually another powerful tool to have under our belt, especially due to its relationship with humility. Those two characteristics, ways of thought and action, combine and work together to create something really profound.

And, as time begins to move along, I’m learning more about this.

Until tomorrow.


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