Modesty – Day Thirteen

A preface:

These journals were actually started slightly out of sync from where I actually was. I started these journals about 4 days before first posting, and thusly finished Modesty a bit ago. The act of stopping the constant journaling (explained below) caused me to become lax in my posting. For anyone who was following this regularly, I apologize and will finish out Modesty tomorrow.


Modesty has definitely been adding fuel to the fire of improvement I’m trying to make. The fuel Modesty is adding though, comes from an inability to implement it. It has given me much to work on and honestly, I find myself needing a break from the deep philosophical defining and journaling. This is a strange topic of philosophy to write on, and I find myself constantly trying to balance rationality and emotion here (that’s kind of life, isn’t it?). I think this is weighing down a bit on my ability to act, and so I will instead focus (after I finish Modesty) on implementing changes wholeheartedly in my life. In that sense, I will probably be able to see some change. I will not abandon this task entirely, and indeed will be doing private journaling and reflection specifically on the implementation of humility and modesty. Every week I will post my review journal on this. When I feel I have successfully implemented humility and modesty in my life, I will then move on towards another two-week section of two characteristics and daily journaling, much like these past (almost) two weeks.


Tomorrow I will review Modesty and close out this two-week section.

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