Modesty – Review/Day Fourteen

Modesty has been rough. It’s shown me just how much I have to do in my life to reach a lot of the goals I have in terms of personal character. That’s okay though.

I’d rather spend years doing this right than a few months doing it hastily.

Maybe there’s modesty in how much we push ourselves too. If we are always trying to grow, then we are always challenging ourselves. However, this quickly can become a simple game of beating ourselves to death. And then we realize much too late that we never gave ourselves time to rest and grow from the challenges, and that our mind and body scream to be let go, to be released from their enslavement. Because of this, we need times of rest. Rest from thought at times, and at others, we need rest from action.

And there is modesty in rest and enjoyment, as well. Life exists mainly between these two things unless we manage to combine them both into one. I’ve been working on doing this as well, and with a few simple attitude changes, it becomes really impressive how much we can begin to enjoy what once was considered work. It just requires some perseverance.

All things require perseverance. That is the key to rest and challenge. While we are resting, we are still persevering. When we are challenging ourselves (and we should do this when the time calls for it), we are still persevering. Always, when we reach new heights, we try to not let ourselves drop down to the last one. We keep what we learned and take a break, while persevering, and then challenge ourselves, while persevering. 

The world is built like this. Days, weeks, months, years, a lifetime, they all have moments for work, reflection, rest, and enjoyment, to varying degrees.

This is what modesty has shown me. Not because I have been exemplary in embodying it, but because it posed such a challenge to me.

And I’m grateful for this challenge. I now move to reflect upon and embody humility and modesty more and return with a review of how my work went.


Until then.

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