The Journey of a Lifetime is Reserved for None (Review)

It’s been a while. It truly feels like forever since I’ve done my last post on Modesty and had to take a break. It really hasn’t been that long, but in that time I’ve turned 19, I’ve found a new path in life and am working to walk it, and feel very ready for the future, even if brings failure in large amounts. That’s how humans learn.

The last post I made talked about Modesty and the need for me to really act on things. I don’t think I stopped because I was incapable of action and had to take a break, but more simply that I wasn’t taking the proper actions. And, this lead to me feeling the need to approach a better mindset toward these sorts of things. It meant learning to accept failure. And, when I do fail, being able to make a better plan, be more mindful the next time, to lean back into the World and see the correct path.

I feel like this has finally reached a point where it will not only make me happy in life to continue with these journals consistently but, when failure arises, I can move on quickly from it. This mindset has been cropping up in various places within my life. I attribute it to my daily meditation practice, journaling, determination, and Tao. I’m not going to explain those things in this journal, but I might explore them in other posts. For now, I want to move towards Simplicity.

That is the next stage in this development that is Life. Humility and Modesty get us to certain places that are unreachable without them, but Simplicity makes us comfortable with the unreachable things and teaches us when sometimes the things right within our reach are all we need. Simplicity also goes well with Modesty, because they have a sort of constructive wave pattern between each other. It is easier to be modest when we are also simple. I will explore many of the things I’m saying more this upcoming week, and also strive to more consciously embody the value of Simplicity.

So, with that, Welcome Back to this Journey. I will always wish to learn what others think about these concepts and encourage discussion among people who read this blog. There will be no wish to correct anyone on what they think about these topics, as they are inherently an individual experience. Instead, let us all strive to understand how others view the world and also, strive to really understand our own first. Please, take this journey with me.

The Journey of a Lifetime is Reserved for None.

So come with.

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