Simplicity – Day Fifteen

Simplicity is this.









Okay, maybe that’s not quite going to suffice if I’m trying to embody the characteristic as well. However, it serves as a good starting point. Simplicity is this. It is just what there is around us, without any added meaning attached to it. Without the dialogue that we create with concepts like “mine” or “yours” or “expensive” or “cheap”. “Beautiful” or “ugly”, “useful” or “useless”. No such things really exist. There is just this.

However, this mindset doesn’t really let us function in modern society all too well I find. People must at times separate themselves from others, some things are useful in certain situations, and so on. This being said, the base starting point of all Simplicity is quite possibly realizing that these are actually concepts which are created, even Simplicity. I’d posit that almost all things are, but that’s a different discussion. The point is that Simplicity is an easing of the dialogue people create around different objects, concepts, and ways of life. I do not need to say many complex things when something easy and simple would suffice. Not all things must be complex to work. Occam’s Razor applies to this in a way. The idea that when faced when two assumptions one must make, the simpler one is usually better can be applied in a different way to our life.

That is; our life often works more smoothly, and in the way we want it to, when we allow room for Simplicity to enter in. There does not need to be fanfare. There is no need for extravagant words all the time. Making these things constant is almost a nuisance.

Someone who says “I Love You” in thousands of different, intricate ways, can end up never finding a partner. Whereas, the person who says “I Love You” a few times, simply, with meaning, is perhaps more likely to find a beautiful relationship. Because Simplicity allows us to access emotions more, it allows us to access logic more, and it is less likely to cause us to fail. The more intricate something is in life, there is usually a relative increase in the danger and instability of this object. This is not always the case, but we should all strive to investigate this thoroughly.

And so, as I begin to see how useful Simplicity is in Life, I realize that it is something that I perhaps embody to a certain degree already. This is certainly not always true, and there is much work to be done, but in a sense, I enjoy living Simply. Not that I always do, or even always strive to, but I realize that there are many things I strive to do Simply and, that doing them in such a way makes me quite happy. I feel no real remorse for making something Simple.

Let me ask this: Does one have to “dumb something down” to make it Simple? Does Simplicity actually lose something when it is made less complex, or does it gain something?

I have many thoughts on these questions, but for those who are curious and motivated, I invite you to answer them as best you can. Just journal about them, or even leave a comment. Just starting the process of self-reflection is beautiful.

This is a place of respect and of acceptance of ideas, with the opportunity for constructive discussion.


So that we may all be better people.


Until tomorrow.


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