Simplicity – Day Sixteen

Happy First of May! The light in the world is really going to start showing itself now, and things will become brighter, more hopeful, more creative, and strong. I hope that I follow this pattern, and can make use of the external time of possibility to make some things a reality. I also hope that everyone in the world can feel this time as well, and for those who can’t for whatever reason, I’m sorry life is where it is right now. Seasons don’t just exist within one year, and sometimes Winter comes in the middle of Spring.

Besides that, I found myself laughing today because Simplicity was so hard to understand. Or, I was making it hard at least. I laughed because Simplicity is, by its very nature, simple to understand. It is one thing to consistently practice it in our lives, but the understanding part is quite simple. Simplicity means being okay with a little bit. Not needing too much to make us happy. When our happiness relies on external things which in and of themselves have no real stability, I think it is then that we need most to practice Simplicity. This is absolutely true for me in a lot of senses. While I have always been incredibly cynical about the necessity of material things, that doesn’t mean I don’t see their value in some places and also abuse them or lean on them too much in others. Therefore, Simplicity is required.

And, I find that Simplicity comes with the breath. This is, for me at least, the easiest way to really get in touch with Simplicity. The breath is something that is so simple, yet so vital and omnipresent. Imagine a parent looking at a newborn child. They look for the breath of the child, with a curious focus. Such a profoundly Simple moment can lead to the greatest understandings of Life.

When we focus on the breath more, especially taking time out every day to meditate, something shifts. We stop trying so hard to be something that we aren’t or that we want to be, and start simply living. These ideas relate closely to Taoism, and if you’re curious, I suggest that you investigate this thoroughly. It is truly the Journey of a Lifetime. Having just started it, and having meditated for around 70 days straight at this point, I find that something profound has occurred.

This being that Simplicity has entered my life in a most vital way. I have focused less on trying with incredible effort to achieve personal goals, and more on simply being who I already am at my core. Taoists might call this the “True Self”, other religions may call it the “Higher Self”, and some may call it “God Within Us”. Others may call this our “Superego” (looking at you Freudians), and some may say it is our supreme moral capacity. Whatever you wish to call it, I would argue that it is less found in intense rules surrounding our life, but more found in the Simplicity of Existing (Caution: It is quite possible that limitations are still necessary. I suggest we all investigate this thoroughly)


I think Lao Tzu  said it best:


When I let go of what I am,

I become what I might be.”


What do you think this quote means? How is this applied to life?


Lao Tzu would argue that it is Tao, but Tao is also very personal. I would say that we should all investigate this thoroughly, and really strive to embody Simplicity through letting go of things that are unnecessary. Beware though, we must still contemplate and reflect on who we are but do it Simply. This, at least, is my understanding of it. Because, that, my friends, is how we become better people.


As always, this is a place of respect and of acceptance of ideas, with the opportunity for constructive discussion. I encourage posting a comment, or even just doing self-reflection and journaling about these ideas.


Until tomorrow.

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