Simplicity – Day Seventeen

The Simpler we are, the more Receptive I think we can be.

Receptive to what, exactly?

That is the question. I’m still trying to figure it out, but it could perhaps most easily be described as The Creative. This being the Creative force of the world around us, of the humanity within us. It is the force that is strong, light, powerful, unyielding. It is the realm of ideas and of potentiality. And, when we are Simple, these things come up more clearly. Songs, poems, writings, art, or however the Creative manifests itself within the individual, all become much more potent and sharp. We begin to see how much our thoughts begin to get in the way of true creative thinking sometimes.

Which is a funny thing to say, right? Thoughts getting in the way of thinking? This guy doesn’t know that he’s talking about, is potentially one reaction. And, I do not claim to know anything about what I’m talking about. Merely what I have experienced to be true for me. Whether or not these things are valuable to Humanity as a whole or just to certain individuals is, of course, up for You to decide.

However, I stick to the idea that thoughts get in the way of thinking. Mainly because I think we have so many unnecessary thoughts about things that either don’t matter or that we don’t really end up caring about, and it becomes a sort of random dialogue. When we practice Simplicity in our thinking though, we are not so full of our own random dialogue and, instead, are full of the world around us, which is where much inspiration comes from. Concurrently, we become more focused on the things that really matter in life. Without Simplicity, I think, as human beings, we easily gravitate towards the unnecessary aspects of life. We can become obsessed with a fancy car, a fancy dinner, expensive pieces of technology, and so on and so forth. I certainly have seen this crop up in my own life, and when I try to bring Simplicity to it, I find that space is freed up within me. It is almost like I am dropping baggage that was weighing me down the entire time.

But, how does one do this? Sure, breathing is one way, but in that moment of natural human desire for the unnecessary, how do we remind ourselves of Simplicity? Well, it really starts with bringing awareness into our lives, I think. It is easier said than done. One has to actually care enough to put in the effort to change themselves. We need self-reflection, constant attempts to look at our actions, we need faith and reason. In order to be Simple, and to embody any value that is important to us, we need these things. Really, in order to become closer to ourselves, we have to learn the delicate balance between seeing who we are now and becoming what we can be. Who we are at our core. And the balance is delicate. Too much self-reflection and too many rules imposed on the self, while they may lead to an incredibly virtuous person, ultimately restrict human freedom. Humans, being very free creatures at our core, also need freedom to exist happily.

So, reflect, but live. See, but don’t strain the eyes. Love, but don’t waste the heart.

This balance is so delicate, yet so Simple. It would seem like the most complex thing in the world, but I think we may all end up finding that is was always really the Simplest thing ever.


As always, this is a place of respect and of acceptance of ideas, with the opportunity for constructive discussion. I encourage posting a comment, or even just doing self-reflection and journaling about these ideas.


So that we may all become better people.


Until tomorrow.


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