Simplicity – Day Nineteen

Is your mind in the present right now, or in the past? Or, is it maybe in the future?

Would Simplicity help us focus on the here and now? I posit that it absolutely would.

As human beings, it is so easy for us to become obsessed with plans of the future, or anxieties from the past. However, when our mind exists in these places solely, we run into a lot of issues. Things like stress, failure, depression, and various other horrible feelings that could be solved with a bit of Simplicity. Because the future is unknowable, the past is not seeable, and all that exists is here and now. When we focus more on being Simple, we necessarily focus on the here and now. That is, after all, the Simplest way to live. Take everything moment. by. moment. That’s how our lives work no matter where we put our mind. 

People are funny because oftentimes we know that this is how we live life, but spend so much time existing in places we can never be. This is not to say that scheduling on a calendar doesn’t have usefulness, because as creatures that only exist moment to moment, we need things to help guide us. It is when we start to consistently exist mentally in the past or future that we forget our actual life which happens frame by frame, precious second by precious second. In forgetting that, our life passes us by until so much of it is gone that we realize that we never were present for all the really important things.

It is bound to happen, too. We are anxious creatures, we make plans to stave off the unknown of the future, we create reason and history to try and explain what just happened. There are so many nuances to using the past and future for forces of good, but the balance is so delicate that we more often than not get tangled up in it all. This is why Simplicity becomes necessary. Starting with just trying to focus on moments throughout our day when we can be completely present with something is, I think, key to building up the sort of mental awareness to start living in the moment more.

And, when we do start to live in the moment more, something really incredible happens. We loosen up. We smile. We breathe. We start to really live life.

Because then we’re not tied down by any idea of past or present.

Just here. And now. Moment. By. Precious. Moment.

As always, this is a place of respect and of acceptance of ideas, with the opportunity for constructive discussion. I encourage posting a comment, or even just doing self-reflection and journaling about these ideas.

So that we may all become better people.

Until tomorrow.


  1. Your beautiful words just made my day. Thank you so much for adding such magical drop of words in my jar of motivation.I feel blessed by your writing right now.
    I found delight love in what you just said in your post.
    Again such a beautiful write up on your blog.
    Keep the vibes on.

    Peace ✌and Love ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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