Simplicity – Day Twenty

Simplicity is finding beauty in the dullest of things. Because, when we value Simplicity, we learn to see that sometimes the dullest things are really the most powerful and the most beautiful.

I’m starting to see the beauty in Simple things, but just barely. It takes a lot of work since we have been taught from a young age that beauty is supposed to be often extravagant in some way. However, a dead leaf fluttering in the wind of a Spring day can paint the most beautiful, symbolic picture than any complex piece of artwork or extravagant creation can. It is being able to see things which are beautiful in all that we do that really lends itself to Life.

Naturally, this isn’t easy. Our minds are wired to be complex and to think in ways which are unnecessary sometimes. We have a deep capacity for needless fixations on thoughts and things which don’t further us in any sense. Not that our brain is unnecessary or that reasoning is unnecessary, but I encourage us to all observe our brains a bit more. Watch how it works, and see just where it is messing up our ideas of the world by making things a bit too complex. It is wonderful to understand the biology of a tree, and that complexity can make it all the more beautiful, but there is that same beauty without the complex knowledge. It exists there in a different way, which is not necessarily better in any normative sense, but just a much Simpler way to see the world.

My point in all of this is that Beauty and Happiness come from Simplicity sometimes. Sure, having complex knowledge is cool and great for furthering technological advancements and our understanding of the world around us. Yet, it is just as cool to Simply sit in silent awe at the world around us, and appreciate it without trying to see it through a different lens. In this world, that lens is what we’re mainly taught to see things through. We have so much of our life spend like that.

We can perhaps take a few minutes to just Simply Enjoy.

We ourselves that much.


As always, this is a place of respect and of acceptance of ideas, with the opportunity for constructive discussion. I encourage posting a comment, or even just doing self-reflection and journaling about these ideas.


So that we may all become better people.


Until tomorrow, for the final day of Simplicity and a Review.


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