Simplicity – Review/Day Twenty-one

This has been a really beautiful week. It has been hard personally, but also incredibly beautiful because of those hardships. When we view hardships Simply, it makes them a bit more manageable too. Oftentimes we get really caught up in whatever dialogue we have playing in the back of our head when things get rough. Maybe it’s something like: “Wow, I suck as a person and am a failure because I can’t do ___, and I should be able to.” or maybe “If only ___ was the case instead of ___, then everything would be fine!”.

These sorts of dialogues are really easy to listen to, and when we do they can throw off our entire progression sometimes. If we try to apply Simplicity to them, we can perhaps more clearly see what is going on. For instance, this week I was incredibly tired during different parts of it, at one point running off of three hours of sleep. That was a hard day, and the drive to listen to all of the negative thoughts that were playing in my head was strong. I thought various ridiculous things about why I was so irritable, slow, and depressed that day. Ultimately, though, I realized the Simplicity behind it all: I was tired.

There are oftentimes incredibly Simple solutions to whatever is going on in our lives. Sometimes this isn’t the case, but for a lot of things, I would venture to say that it is. If we can learn to view our lives with a bit more Simplicity, then we don’t have to put needlessly large amounts of effort into things, and instead, we can see the Simplicity in the problem, and move to solve it. The solutions are often going to be Simple, as well. For instance, mine was: go to sleep earlier.

Many things in life are like this. Many things in life are much Simpler than we first acknowledge.

And because of that, Simplicity makes things beautiful. Simplicity allows us to stop trying so hard for things, stop trying so hard to be something, and instead lean back into what already is, which contains natural potentiality. It gives us Creative potential, it gives us freedom, it gives us Life. It allows us to focus on this. This moment, this thing. Simplicity leads to an easing of dialogue and tensions that the Ego can create, and in that way we get to focus on what we really need.

Simplicity is Simple.

We don’t need to overthink it, look for it too hard. It is always there, around us. Always, there is the breath. There is the infinite moment.

So, taking a deep breath, resting in Simplicity, we move towards our next topic.




I’ll see you tomorrow, so that we may continue this Journey together.

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