Compassion – Day Twenty-three

If I can look at someone else, and feel Compassion for them and their struggles, then I think I would be practicing one of the highest and most beautiful forms of Humanity. Compassion goes beyond just crying when we see someone having an incredibly hard time in life, although this is the beginning of Compassion. It is innate in all humans, and the potential is a powerful one when tapped in to.

Because Compassion goes to a deeper Understanding (this will be Week 6) of our lives and the lives of others. If I Understand my Life that is one thing. If I Understand my Life and then see that the Life of another is of the same material, of the same base experiences, then I can practice Compassion. That is when I reach another level.

Because it is hard enough for us to Understand Ourselves. When we can really look past our seemingly completely individualistic experiences and see that many of those, while different in some ways, are the same throughout all human experience, we rise above needless fighting. No longer do we need to get caught up in negativity or rudeness, because not only have we all had those moments, but we can feel Compassion for the people that are going through the experiences that lead to those feelings. Many things that people do are simply a reflection of struggles they are having, how they react to events that are beyond their control, and how much they Understand themselves.

Therefore, it is not that people are bad or rude. They are not a “bad person”, but a person who is experiencing badness. We may think this cheesy or ridiculous in some way, but truthfully, the mindset shift that this allows us to have is the beginning of something vast and incredible. It is the beginning of a Common Human Experience. It is the beginning of Compassion.

We are all people first. The things we say and do, while they can have drastic effects and should be weighed carefully, are ultimately a result of our mind and experience at the moment. It is hard to grasp, but even if someone’s ideas and actions are absolutely horrendous, Compassion is something that can help us deal with those things.

People, you and I, as much as we may not like to think it, can easily just become results of our upbringing, our society, the people we choose to spend time around, and what we fill our minds and time with. This is why I think being a Critical Human is important. Looking at all that we do with a mindset that wishes to do the best we can do, and to find out what that truly is, for the individual.

I will explore all of these ideas further this week. Some of them may be controversial, but in the end, I think that not only will I change in some of the ideas I hold, but others can change how they think too.


As always, this is a place of respect and of acceptance of ideas, with the opportunity for constructive discussion. I encourage posting a comment, or even just doing self-reflection and journaling about these ideas.


So that we may all become better people.


Until tomorrow.

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