Compassion – Day Twenty-four

When you watch a sad video, do you cry?

I’m sure this has happened to a lot of us, and as I said yesterday, this is the beginning of Compassion. This experience is something that almost all of us have had, and it is because we are able to feel what others feel and Understand it.

Interestingly enough, this only happens within the context of our own lives. By this, I mean that I can only feel Compassion and Understanding of another, in the context of my own life. I can see others experiences, but the only way I can grasp it is by either mentally or physically applying it to my life.

If one were to take this idea further, we could support it by looking at the roots of Compassion, com, and passion. Com is a prefix that means “with” or “together”, and passion comes from pati, which was suffering, pain, the intensity of emotion.

Suffering together. Pain together. The intensity of emotion, together.

It is something that is not done alone. I cannot just see someone’s pain and ignore it or understand it without somehow suffering myself. When something we see is tragic, it is usually so because we are attempting to see how it would feel if that happened in our own lives. We immediately begin to, at the most basic level, suffer with someone.

This is Humanity. It is an incredible capability that we rarely tap into. If we did, however, and if we tried to do so more often, things would be very different I think.

Tomorrow I think I’ll start to explore how we can deal with difficult people with Compassion and what it does when we do. Again, please question everything I say and discuss it with me, with yourself, with others, however you want. I think that it is important to try and see these in our own lives because they can show up in such different ways.


As always, this is a place of respect and of acceptance of ideas, with the opportunity for constructive discussion. I encourage posting a comment, or even just doing self-reflection and journaling about these ideas.


So that we may all become better people.


Until tomorrow.


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