Compassion – Day Twenty-eight

Compassion has been a really interesting topic to explore. As always, I think mindfulness ends up becoming one of the most basic aspects of being able to accomplish any of this. In whatever degree it is accomplished, if it is accomplished at all, I think it is accomplished because we were aware in the moment.

Our current world is one which needs Compassion dearly. We could all, perhaps, do with a bit more Compassion and a bit less Hate. There is so much anger towards people that, in the end, just want to live a happy life. Who cares if they are shallow or can’t see certain things. Start with the fact that everyone has that same dream. We might end up realizing that there’s a lot we don’t know either. I constantly am trying to see this and to realize this in Life. It takes Humility, it takes Modesty, and it takes Simplicity. However, the greater we can start to practice those, the greater we can have Compassion for others.

I am not always the smartest person in the room, but how would it feel if I was? I am not always the dumbest person in the room, but how would it feel if I was? Emotions are Simple for us to feel, but to feel another’s emotions is Compassion at the highest pinnacle.

From Understanding Ourselves to Loving those who we want to Hate, Compassion helps us in so many regards.

I’m incredibly grateful for all that I have been shown while pondering it these last few days.

On Thursday, I will start my Review week. As I mentioned in my last post, it will be a more intense look at the 4 concepts covered so far, and how we can apply them to each other and to Life in different ways.

Until then.

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