On Passion, On Inspiration

You, are my hero. Yes, you.

Each person reading this, no matter who you are, where you’re from, what you’ve done, in some way, you are an inspiration to me.

I’m always looking at others for inspiration because always there is something deep within people that I could never have. What this is changes from person to person, but the fact that each person I see does have something like that within them gives me hope, and it gives me the inspiration to do better.

Because everyone on this planet is just so damn beautiful, pardon my language. There’s just no other way for me to say it. I’m in love with humans and our condition on this Earth. We are such poor, pitiful creatures, doomed to death from the moment we are created, yet always trying to find something more throughout it. Life is tragic, it is full of loss, suffering, pain, and depression. There are moments of pure isolation, when the world feels as if it will crash in from all sides, falling upon us as we wallow in despair.

Yet, Life is also full of the opposite. It is full of joy, pleasantries, excitement, adventure, unity. The trick is understanding that Life is always alternating between these, to varying degrees and that it is this alternation that gives Life its beauty. It is not something within our control always; what Life decides to throw our way and what it chooses to hold back. We can, however, choose how we view these things. That, is the most important skill to use as humans I think.

And I’m trying, so hard right now to use this skill. You see, I am a person of incredible emotion regardless of whether or not I show it all the time. And, while I find myself surrounded by so many amazing people that are interesting and beautiful, I cannot find it within myself to be with them. Because the End is always in mind for me. Not Death per say, but just the realistic End of my time with the people that I am around currently. This is a defense mechanism, naturally. I’m scared to really let myself be inspired by the people that I find most fascinating. I come up with excuse after excuse to not be around people, because of fear.

What a load of crap.

I’m just now seeing this because as this year of college ends for everyone else, I end up staying here to take more classes over the Summer. And, despite my constant fear and trying to push myself to be alone out of dread for this moment, I am sadder now than I would have been if I enjoyed my time with others instead of constantly thinking of the End.

I admire people who can ignore the End of things, or who can see it and still be present with others. This skill is something that I, quite frankly, suck at.

But I’m trying. And I’m learning.

And the one thing I know?

I won’t be giving up, ever.

No one should ever give up on these sorts of things. Because it is through others that we find inspiration. Their stories, their hopes, their dreams, their loves, their Life, all of these things coalesce into a tapestry that has no rival in terms of beauty. Every single person I walk by, that I see, that I hear about, they are all just so beautiful. So inspirational in their own ways.

While I should never rely upon others for my strength, I think drawing some inspiration from others from time to time, is a really beautiful thing to do.

I think People are giving me Passion again.

All of sudden, lately in Life, I want to do better in a way that I haven’t experienced before. It is not that I haven’t always wanted to be better, but I am starting to get seriously passionate about it and what I want to do in Life. Also, it is not that what I am now isn’t good enough, but I want more passion to enter my life. There is a whole world out there. A Life that I get to Create. A Story I want to Share. People I want to Meet. Places to See, Things to Do. Love to be Loved.

And this is all thanks to you. Without you, whoever you are, reading this, I couldn’t pick myself up off of the ground. Sometimes, we get stuck in Life, and it is the people we are surrounded by that truly have the potential to change us, to get us up off of the ground and to help us stand on our own two feet.

Finally, after years of letting myself be kicked around, I feel like something is happening.


I post many things, I say many things, but I don’t always do them. I am a flawed person. There is a gap between the version of me I am working to be, and who I am now.

But, I’m letting go of that now. I want to forget the person I am now, and the person that I want to be, and just do the things that must be done.

For instance, trying to be a Leader for the World as we enter into a tumultuous time.


What I am saying is that, as everyone gives so much Light to me, so much Love, I want to start giving back.

Call it whatever you may want to, but this is Passion.


This is the raging sensation within the bottom of my gut, pushing me onwards, making me smile ever wider as the darkness threatens to enclose me. Because it is this smile that illumines the darkest cracks of society and of self.

This Passion is Fire; it is the Sun that gives Life to all beings on this Earth.

This Passion is Love; it is the Hope of Unity among People.

This Passion is Inspiration; it is the Call that Unites us All.

As we move on, as we all grow and learn, remember that we are not alone. That always, there are others around us with beautiful stories.

Again, let us remember that the struggles we all feel are not our own. Let that strengthen us through our trials, even if we must face them by ourselves.

So turn, and fight against the darkness. Fight against any idea that we won’t make it, that our dreams won’t be realized. And smile while doing it. 

Inspire yourself, inspire others, and ignite your passion.

Please, join me in this. Let’s all pursue Life to the fullest extent possible. What else is there to do? Are we okay with a mediocre life, full of what society has dictated for us, our ancestors, and those who will follow us?

I’m not. I look around and I see people starting to get fired up about Life. And this makes me so incredibly overjoyed. Because life was always meant to be created and shaped in the way that we as individuals wanted it to be.

There are many things that I want to say right now, but I must be patient. No matter how Passionate I become, how Inspired I become, no matter how much other people get me fired up, I must still remain calm, looking for my opening.


Maybe this all just me trying to say:

I’m coming, World. 

And this time, I’m serious.

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