A Preface: This Blog, being a reflection of Myself, and also me wanting to be the most Authentic Person I can be, constantly changes. The things I say, I truly mean at the moment but sometimes my plans just change. Namely, the Characteristics Journals I was doing have ended up being the least of my priorities. There are more pressing matters to attend to, more things that my Heart needs to write.


I’ve been thinking a lot. About various different things.

I realize that it’s not necessarily a good thing either. To always be thinking is oftentimes to also always be in a state just before action. With action not occurring, where do we go? What do we really achieve?

Others may not have this problem. I’m sure some do though. Regardless, I speak this to everyone:

We must start acting.

If we don’t, if we stay in this place of pure thought, merely looking at what we could accomplish, nothing will happen. Everyone claims to want to become something, I included. Everyone has goals, in some way or another. But, who among Us is striving for it? I mean, truly striving for it?

I’d like to think I am, but I’m trying to have the Humility to see that I’m not always.

That’s how we grow, after all.

Yet, thought isn’t completely unnecessary. Thoughtless action is worse than pure thought and no action I think. Sadly, I would say we have too much of the former coming from the wrong people and too much of the latter from the right people.

So what is the solution? Is there even one?

Of course, there is. All problems have a solution if we are willing to be creative enough and then work towards our solution.

This problem’s solution comes, I think, in the form of self-transformation. We cannot spend so much time looking at the faults of others when we barely do any work on ourselves. When our minds are in a place of always doing right, leading a healthy and good life, then action and thought are merely two sides of the same coin. One leads to the other. Thought leads to action. Action inspires thought. So it repeats, on and on.

These ideas aren’t just related to the realm of people either. We could see this as the Chinese chose to see it: Heaven and Earth. Ch’ien and K’un.

Potentiality and Reality. Thought and Action. Noumena and Phenomena.

All sides of what we call Life. Yet, there is much more that we could be doing with these ideas in our World. The fact that humans have a vast creative ability inherent within their minds, and that we have physical bodies capable of making things a reality, means that We have the Power to Create almost whatever we put our minds to.

This is not a ridiculous thought. All things are possible, but nothing is guaranteed. With enough Work and Dedication, all the Thoughts we have are potential Realities. We just have to be willing to see them as such.

This, is why we need to start the process of Creativity and Productivity. We must begin to tap into our Creative potential, and then find ways to make the solutions to our problems a reality.

Fighting, however, is not how this happens. Laziness is not how this happens. Resignation is not how this happens. We must learn to Work Together, as a Human Nation, and be dedicated completely to the goals that we have.

Is it wrong to say that Everyone wants to lead a Good Life? Is it wrong to say that everyone would like to experience Life to the fullest extent? Is it wrong to say that we want our families to be safe? That we want the people we Love to succeed?

I would say no. Because these are all things which are a part of being Human. They are the most Natural Parts of Us. We can only ignore them. Kindness, Love, Hope, Compassion, these things are inherent in our minds. It is only needed that we start paying attention to them and that we learn to let go of the Negative parts.

If it isn’t wrong to say that people ultimately want to lead that sort of Good Life, then wouldn’t it also be safe to say that the sort of demeaning diatribes and tirades, the horrible arguing and bickering amongst ourselves, the wars, the death, the poverty, the class division, the power struggles, is it not safe to say that no one really wants these things? No Human who is operating at even sixty percent of their fullest potential and capacity would.

However, if you are someone who says that they want these things in Life, I would tell you to Look Closely at what you want to Become in this World. What you want your Life to be like.

If you’re one of these people, I gently but sternly tell you to check yourself. You’re better than that. I know you are, and you know it too. The World is yearning for your Love, and others are too. There’s no benefit in these things. No matter how difficult Life gets, there is never any benefit from these things.

They only serve to hurt us.

Concurrently, there are people, mainly those in positions of Power, who actually do want these things because it is how they hold onto their semblance of Power over people.

To these people, I ask this:

Why are you tricking yourself so much?

No one really has Ultimate Power over People. We are Free creatures. Because we are Thinking Creatures, who have Physical Bodies and use that to interact with a Physical World, we can get caught up within all of the Physical Limitations and Tragedies (Note: I am not saying that these things aren’t horrible and important to at least see and feel, but I’m saying that we easily get caught up in them, as in stuck). However, I would posit that True Freedom is that which lies Within the Mind. In the Mind, any circumstance can be broken out of, and anything can happen. In the Mind, we are Truly Free. We know where we want to go, what we want to do. There are ways that we can get there and we can try. But the Highest Freedom is that which stands up against the Physical Limitations and does not care about the consequences. We can never control external events with certainty, no one can. Only with the Mind are we Truly Free. So you end up tricking yourself into thinking that somehow you do have power over people. This, to me, is Pure Folly.

And, also, no matter what you think your wielding of Power over people in cruel ways is doing or what it means, it is only hurting yourself.

It causes Tragedy. It causes Sickness. It makes our World unbearable to Live in. The Loss is Everyone’s, not just Ours. But it is, in the End, going to more completely be Yours.

Because you wield your Power in this way, no one will fondly remember your name in the decades to come. You will not make a mark on the World. You will not help Others. You only help yourself and your own desires. This, is not the mark of true Power.

True Power is Love.

Sure, call it cheesy. Say that it is ridiculous, or whatever you may like.

You only say those things because, in the Heart, it is the Truth.

With Love, all things can be Overcome.

Love of Life. Love of Fate. Love of Human Paradox. Love of Others. Love of Self. Love of Hope. Love of Courage. Love of Possibility. Love of Challenge.

We must Learn to Love in order to Change things. And Love starts with the Self.

So, we’re getting closer to a solution, yeah? We know that it starts with a Self-Transformation, with Love as the direction. The Self-Transformation process itself is the Work of a Lifetime and I highly doubt anyone will ever become the sort of being that has absolutely no Work to be done. As a matter of fact, sometimes when we get stronger and better at Life, there is more Work to be done.

Yet, all of this takes the Humility to get us there. We are not always going to do well. We are not going to be the Best Person we can be always, but we must at least Try.

All of this is to say, we must begin to a bit better.

It is Time to Act.

All of this is something that every single person on this Planet can be working on.

And if we All were, what do you think Life would be Like?

Until Next Time,