We Must Stand Back Up

I’ve fallen many times in my Life. As I’m sure that you, the reader, have as well. It’s part of being Human. We fall in Life, a lot. Some people more than others, but there is no person in this world that does not have a fall at some point in their Life. If there were, we would all surely know about them.

Recently, I’ve made some mistakes in my Life that I regret immensely. I cannot explain how much I have judged myself for some of the choices I have made. Yet, in making these mistakes, I realized something about myself that I, for a while, didn’t want to acknowledge: I’m Human, and I make Mistakes.

I’m not sure why we expect so much Perfection out of ourselves all the time. Or I know that I do, at least, and it confuses me sometimes. When I fall, there’s this voice that just yells at me to get back up.


It’s not acceptable to fall, ever!


This is what it says, so often. So, my Life has been full of overexertion, overextension, and pure exhaustion.  I don’t give myself breaks because I think they’re not acceptable. The mistakes that I end up making are things which I force myself to Learn from, but I almost never accept that sometimes, it’s okay to make these mistakes.

Without mistakes in Life, all of the good we do has no meaning. It is a hard truth to accept, but without having faults to work on within ourselves, we can’t ever grow or be better. Being an inspiration and finding inspiration just stops. I cannot imagine a Life without Inspiration. Or, the one that I try and imagine is a boring, dreary World, full of people with no Passion and no Vision.

And it is these moments when we Fall that we can Learn the most. We Fall for a reason, I think. Mostly because of our own actions, and also because of things we cannot control. When we do Fall, though, we have many choices, but they are derived from two main options:


We can either get back up and Learn from the fall




We can stay down and learn nothing.


Either one is our choice, and it is how we go about doing either one that matters. We must know when to get back up, and when to stay down for a while. In Life, there are times for both, and it is never so black and white as one or the other.


Surprisingly, I would say that sometimes, we need to stay down. Sometimes we need to be kicked and tossed around by Life to really learn what it is we have to learn. Other times, staying down just gets in our own way. In those moments, no matter how hard it is to get back up, we must stand back up.


Right now, in my Life, I must stand back up. I would also venture to say that this is the case for our society as a whole. The time is coming when we must all stand back up.


The thing about mistakes which is really beautiful is that they teach us invaluable lessons which we cannot learn from anywhere else. Only from the absolutely Human mistakes we all make, can we learn how to be better. As mentioned prior, we don’t learn from not having faults. There is no growth in Perfection. Without growth, Life becomes really hard I think.


And if we think for one second that we have nowhere we can grow, we already have somewhere we can grow.


The point in all of this is, don’t judge yourself too harshly, but don’t let yourself go too easily. Mistakes are a Human thing. Sometimes they are truly unforgivable to others, and this is okay. We must learn to Learn and Press Forward.


We Must Stand Back Up.


Perhaps not right now, perhaps not tomorrow. It won’t necessarily happen in an instant, and like I said, sometimes we have to stay down for a while, sometimes years. But, we Must Stand Back Up. Eventually.


And when We do, we must aim to learn from our actions. Both as individuals, and as a society.


Life is about Getting Up and Getting Knocked Down. Without these things, Life just wouldn’t be Life.


Let your Mistakes ignite your Passion for Change. For Self-Development. The sparks and chaos that our mistakes give off are the perfect catalysts for change, and your own desire to do better is the accelerant for that Fire.


Soon, if we all do such things, it becomes an Inferno. Roaring. Raging.


Shedding Light on a Dark and Dreary World.


I’d say we all could use some Light right now.


So, will you Stand Back Up with me?


As always, this is a place of discussion and of thought! I encourage discussion, and I will aim to participate too. No one has the answer, and we’re all learning. With Humility and Compassion, we can truly start to learn from others and see some things that we never thought we could.


Until Next Time.

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